MJ Consulting Services is a consulting firm that specializes in providing marketing and advertising services to legal cannabis businesses. Even though we have direct ties to one of the largest independent advertising firms in the world what we do is not that of traditional advertising. Traditional advertising entails certain specific media and usually rote methods to accomplish specific tasks. In cannabis, because of the many different rules, regulations and limits on types of media available, the approach is inherently different. Social media, video marketing and an actual web presence are three things that are critical. (See Article: Advertising & Marketing Cannabis).

MJ Consulting Services provides services to increase customer engagement, increased traffic both online and offline along with increased corporate exposure, brand awareness, create engaging content and generate a highly engaging social presence. These are primarily provided by:
Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram
Web Development
Video Marketing through the Internet

We also consult on cannabis business regulations, start-up requirements, staff training and the preparation of handbooks, SOPs, and By-Laws. To find out more call 503-328-6929 or fill out the form to the right.

We have ties to one of the largest privately owned advertising firms in the US. Traditional advertising is useful in the cannabis industry but cannot be used the same because different rules and regulations govern the space. Our mission is to be successful in our field by helping everyone we come in contact with achieve the same.

We are currently concentrating on a campaign designed to increase sales but also mitigate some of the effects of 280E. Currently, we are set up to provide a turnkey ticket brokerage or coffee shop franchise. These services are easily integrated into the existing physical location of the cannabis related business, which allows the business owner(s) to take advantage of IRS Section 280e tax consequences. In order to fulfill our mission statement we have four different divisions of MJ Consulting.

MJ Consulting Services provides a turnkey assistance program to help a new or existing CannaBusiness in:
Physical Layout
Real Estate Acquisition
Financial Operation
Taxes and Accounting

Specific services provided include:

General Business Consulting
Application Preparation and Support
Business Planning
Competitive Strategy
Site Selection
Real Estate Advising
Buildout Planning
Political Advising
Regulatory Compliance
Grow Management Protocols
Retail Design
Diversion and Loss Prevention
Product Development
Testing and Scientific Resources
Investor Relations
Management support and organization structure
Application preparation and processing
Regulatory expertise
Creative / Marketing
Investor Groups
Payment Processing