Real Estate Acquisition and Leasing

Where Will You Put Your Cannabis Business?

Finding and acquiring real estate for your cannabis industry business can pose a significant problem for many entrepreneurs.

commercial-property-for-lease-signCurrent cannabis industry demand for retail and warehouse space is pitting cannabis businesses against cannabis businesses while landlords capitalize by charging premium lease rates that are often four times higher than the prices paid before medical marijuana sales began to boom.

That’s why we’re here to help! MJ Consulting Services can assist you in the acquisition of an ideal grow facility, retail location, or processing facility. Through our connections in the real estate markets, we can secure the space you need without the hassle.

One of the interesting concepts that is playing out in Colorado now is buying and paying for real estate property in an all cash transaction. This process passes all criteria for legality and completion of the deal. This is a rather complex method for accountants and attorneys but is very simple for the cannabis entrepreneur. To discuss how this works and how to become liquid in the transaction speak to your MJ Consulting representative.

Let us negotiate for you! Contact MJ Consulting Services today, or simply fill out the form.