MMJ and Diabetes

MMJ and Diabetes

American-Diabetes-Association-logoMedical Marijuana Shown as Effective for Diabetic Patients

By now, it is known that the use of Medical Marijuana is quite effective when if comes to the treatment of chronic pains and aches. In the case of eating disorders, the use of Medical Marijuana has been quite fruitful. There have been different types of tests that have been done in recent months that prove the above-mentioned issues. However, very recently, scientists have come up with another revelation, that its use is miraculous in the management of diabetes.

How Diabetes is Affecting the Population

As it appears the number of people, suffering from diabetes is growing day by day. The recent reports by WHO confirms that within a decade almost one third of the world population will suffer from diabetes if it is not properly addressed. For those who have been suffering from diabetes for quite a long time, keeping the sugar level within limits has been a terrific hurdle. For them it is good news that the doctors and researchers have come up with the finding that marijuana restricts the sugar level to go too high by ensuring the flow of insulin as well as keeping the weight within the acceptable level, occasionally decreasing as well.

What the Reports are Saying

In different parts of US, quite a few studies have been done that have revealed the fact that marijuana affects the weight and helps individuals to loose weight. At the same time, the insulin resistance is also restricted with the help of marijuana. Although it is still not known whether the American Journal of Medicine will accept the finding or not, but the researches do confirm that the higher the quantity of marijuana used contributes to some health related complications.

Experiences and Experiments

Those who use marijuana are fully aware that marijuana increases hunger. But at the same time they have also noticed that their body weights have reduced to a considerable level while using marijuana. This weight loss has an effect over the sugar levels directly and indirectly. The constituents in cannabis directly control the physical metabolism.

3D-Man-DiabetesAs of now researchers have not come to any final decision. So far, they have called this matter the first finding. In addition, they are checking the other probabilities of side effects. However, they are quite sure about the positive effect of Marijuana and that they can have a proper idea of how to manage diabetes if a proper cure can be found from cannabis and its extracts.




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