As a cannabis industry business, your creditors are everywhere.

We help you save money while you make (and keep) more of it.

280E Solution

Place a non-cannabis side business at your establishment.

  • Turnkey
  • Starts at $90/month
  • Fully automated
  • ROI upwards of 1000%
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Online Ticket Brokerage

Expand the customer and financial base of your business operations.

  • Potentially increase tax benefits
  • Revenue stream independent of cannabis
  • Managed and unmanaged options available
  • ROI traditionally 150% annually
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Branding & Marketing

Perfect for businesses looking to expand their market reach.

  • Website design and production
  • Video marketing
  • SEO, SEM, FB and Google ads
  • Brand audit and overhaul
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The Cannabis Industry & 280E

We offer a turnkey, effective way for cannabis businesses to provide sold out tickets to their customers while saving money on federal taxes. Section 280E Cannabis Taxation Section 280E states that if you traffic in illegal drugs (e.g. cannabis), you cannot generate any normal business deductions outside of Cost of Goods. However, recent tax court cases have allowed cannabis businesses to put in a secondary “legal” business related to but not directly associated with in the same location. The deductions generated by this secondary business are deductible.

Our Section 280E Solution

From a ticketing kiosk inside your marijuana dispensary, your customers are able to select, purchase, and digitally receive their tickets. This puts a secondary legal business into the same location as your “illegal” MMJ dispensary. Your customers can purchase premium tickets to sold out events from a database of over $8.5 billion worth of tickets. This service is handled by a third party, so you don’t deal with credit card authorizations, delivery, or customer service. You simply put up signage that let’s customers know you offer tickets from inside your state legal cannabis business. This service is seen by your customers as another reason to purchase cannabis from you.

Why Choose MJ Consulting?

  • Patent Pending Solution – Our solution mitigates the effects of Section 280E related to cannabis businesses.
  • Experience – We have over a decade of ticket brokerage franchise/franchisee management experience.
  • Immediate Response – Our solution allows us to address your pain points quickly.
  • Worry Free – Our solution is cost effective and easy to implement.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – We stand behind our solution, and will work to make you a happy and satisfied client.
  • Scalable – We offer franchise opportunities, and can manage your solutions.



Rationale of Deductions Under Section 280E

Until Section 280E is repealed, cannabis businesses are being taxed at extremely high levels.

In the meantime, IRS Code Section 280E is limited to the sale of (or “trafficking in”) marijuana. Thus, if a taxpayer is involved in selling medical marijuana and/or recreational marijuana and also has another business in the same location, the taxpayer can potentially write off business expenses associated with the other business as related to their marijuana operation.

The easiest and most cost effective other business to implement is a ticket brokerage. Still have questions? Check out our 280E Solution FAQ.

A little story about IRS Code Section 280E

Sec. 280E: Expenditures in Connection With the Illegal Sale of Drugs In Beck, the Tax Court held that the taxpayer, who operated a medical marijuana dispensary business as a sole proprietor, was not entitled to deduct various expenses. The taxpayer routinely destroyed his records and, as a result, was not able to properly substantiate expenses. The court stated that even if the taxpayer had been able to substantiate the claimed expenses, the deductions would still be disallowed under Sec. 280E, which bars deductions for expenses paid or incurred in connection with trafficking in controlled substances. Since the taxpayer could not show that his dispensary sold any nonmarijuana goods or what portion of the sales was attributable to services, and not to marijuana sales, the court disallowed all expenses.

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