Highly Functional Stoner

In a brainstorming session at NW Cannabis Club in Portland Oregon, MJ Consulting President Michael Davis and 2 fellow marketing collaborators coined the term Hf.S as an awarded title to individuals that possess the ability to function adequately in the business world. This because like it or not the business world will control this industry. And when they do it will be at their terms. So to maintain our control we have developed the title and award of Hf.S – Highly Functional Stoner.

Some individuals possess the ability to consume cannabis all day and still accomplish their work tasks at an acceptable level. We are not advocating that these persons could not be judged to be “under the influence” from a legal standpoint but rather they can and do complete detailed tasks in a manner deemed successful. As such we are taking no legal responsibility for others actions but rather they should be deemed Highly Functional Stoners that can understand and follow directions.

This title will identify someone immediately to persons in “The World” that we can and do function very well in their realm. The implications can be numerous but everyone needs money to not only survive but also flourish and prosper.

The Pacific Northwest Cannabis Industry Leaders Group – www.PNWCIL.com would oversee the qualifications and awarding of this honorary title with all the subsequent benefits of being a “Highly Functional Stoner”.

Application for consideration of Hf.S title are being taken now. Click the button below to submit application:


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