Concerts, Sporting Events and Theater Tickets

Did you ever wonder what you customers did right before or right after they visited your dispensary or rec store? Well they probably bought some concert tickets online because they plan of seeing Alice in Chains or Ozzy and Black Sabbath. And what better way to see a concert than after visiting a cannabis store. So how would you like to get a piece of the ticket action?

Well we have come up with an easy to implement and cost effective way to allow you to provide those exact tickets your customers were looking for. And at the same time it is an effective way to save money on your federal taxes.

What we are offering is a turnkey means to provide concert, sporting event, comedy and theater tickets from your own 24/7 online ticket broker website. Your customers can purchase premium tickets to sold out and hard to find seats. This from a database of over $8.5 billion worth of tickets. This service will be provided from a ticketing kiosk inside your store. The customer is able to select, pay for and arrange delivery or print their tickets from there and they can pay for the tickets using a credit card.

This service is handled by a third party so you are not bothered by credit card authorizations, customer service or delivery issues. All you do is put up signage that you now offer sporting event, concert and theater tickets inside. This service is seen by your customers as another reason to purchase cannabis from you.

The beauty of this whole system is that it puts a secondary legal business related but separate into the same location as your “illegal” cannabis store. Section 280E has been a very contentious point especially for retail cannabis operations. What 280E says is if you traffic in illegal drugs, which cannabis is still considered by the feds to be illegal, you cannot generate any normal business deductions outside of Cost of Goods. However, recent tax court cases allow the cannabis business to put in a secondary “legal” business related but not directly associated with in the same location. The deductions generated by this secondary business are deductible. See Rationale for 280E Deductions.

So when your customer buys your product they can also buy their concert tickets. You will be their “One Stop For All Their Entertainment Needs.”