Become a Ticket Broker

IRS-MJMJ Consulting Services is assisting Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Recreational Cannabis Stores to integrate an online/offline event ticket brokerage into their existing locations. The purpose of this integration is twofold. One to offer more services to their existing clientele. Because how many marijuana users attend concerts and sporting events? The second reason is to help reduce the effects of Section 280E of the IRS Code on cannabis businesses.

To do this MJ Consulting is depending on the existing case law which allows a business to operate similarly to a home based business and take normal business deductions. The subsequent ticket brokerage could allow anywhere from 10-50% of deductions in the form of normal business expenses. *

MJ Consulting is offering four different tiers of this proprietary system.
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1. Basic Web Presence $90/month billed quarterly – minimum 1 year contract.   Tax advantages 5-10% of operations cost write-off. Fully automated system.

2. Permanent Website Ownership for $3500
Tax advantage 8-25% of operation cost write-off. Customizable functional event ticket brokerage.

3. Online/Offline Ticket Brokerage – Franchise Fee of $25,000
Tax advantage 15-25% of operation cost write-off
Unlimited profit potential of secondary business.
Online businesses establishment predate 2008.

4. A Turnkey Managed Ticket Brokerage Franchise with resultant fees $5000-$15,000 per month on a sliding scale – This is paid from sales proceeds.
Minumum 6 month contract – Tax advantage up to 25% of operations cost write-off. This is completely hands off business managed by associates of MJ Consulting Services through EZ Ticket

To find out more about this unique opportunity or our branded coffee franchise enter your contact information in the upper right corner of this page or Call Your MJ Consulting Professional Today at 503-328-6929.

* Current Washington State I-502 limits recreational stores in that they may only sell marijuana, marijuana concentrates, marijuana infused products and marijuana paraphernalia. Although the information contained here is presented in good faith and believed to be correct, it is General in nature and is not intended as tax advice. Furthermore, the information contained herein may not be applicable to or suitable for the individuals’ specific circumstances or needs and may require consideration of other matters. The information on this website should not be used in any actual transaction without the advice and guidance of a professional Tax Adviser who is familiar with all the relevant facts. MJ Consulting Services is depending on advice we have received from our Tax Advisers. MJ Consulting Services and its subsidiaries are not providing legal, tax nor accounting advice. We are recommending the secondary businesses as a means for increasing revenues and net income. There is no guarantee that this will be successful.