Difference Between Branding & Marketing (Page 3 of 3)

What really is the difference between Branding and that of Marketing because these two terms seem to be used interchangeably and they are not. To understand about branding and marketing one must first know the difference between these two.

Branding is who, what, where and when your are. Marketing is making your brand known. If you understand that you don’t need to read any more. However, to really understand the nuances of the differences read on…..

You first before any type of advertising campaign you must get your brand in place and consistent. This is consistent with the concept that branding costs money to implement and marketing makes you money. We follow the simple idea that whenever you market or advertise you should expect a minimum Return On Investment of 2:1 and it should be easily perceived. Anything less and it is branding.  (To get a better understanding of branding read our article Branding & Marketing.)