Designing an Effective Brand in the Wake of Client Resistance

…… image that represents a more successful business owner by utilizing the picture directly to the right. Here we see a well groomed however a somewhat eccentric looking individual. At this time Dr. Davis was handling all branding, marketing and sales by himself. He indicated the look he was trying to portray was that of “Murray the Ticket Broker” . We weren’t actually sure what that meant but knew this would need to be changed also. This particularly when his daughter reiterated that he looked like Danny Devito.  (Ashley K. Marshall – Creative Director – Weiden + Kennedy, Portland, Oregon) 

We have elected to market the strengths of Dr. Davis at this time in order to gain positive recognition for MJ Consulting Services. Davis is the Founder of The Pacific Northwest Cannabis Industry Leaders Group, a cannabis forum group.  He has been the owner and principal of a successful online  event ticket brokerage for the last 9 years which cements credibility for implementation of their 280E solution. We are marketing to these two strengths as to validity, knowledge and credibility.

There are all sorts of indicators that normal business attire is not the order of the day nor appropriate for dealing with everyday meetings in the cannabis industry. Historically, workers in the cannabis industry will never make it into GC but by the same token those models in GC would not find themselves at home with cannabis except probably only as fans.

The cannabis industry has a laid back and casual atmosphere to it and so it should. Cannabis is a lifestyle and we meet many, many people in the industry that want to keep it that way of small  gettogethers and intimate social events. But cannabis is coming into the mainstream of traditional business.  Bankers, lawyers, venture capitalists and investors all  operate for the most part from a conservative position. They look at long hair, beards, t-shirts and jeans as a”stoner” look and fail to take us really seriously.  My first meeting with with a real advertising firm took several more meetings to overcome that first impression. Know your audience.

That said, Davis reiterated that he had been a stockbroker for many years, having to wear a suit every day and exclaimed he was glad for the change. To follow on this train of thought we are recommending a “Club” or day to day look and an “Ad Executive” for business meetings and conventions as seen in these last two images. This is an ongoing makeover with expectations of positive feedback.

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